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Articles by Marsha L. Heinke DVM, EA, CPA, CVPM

Unreimbursed medical expense plans provide little known alternative

Mar 1, 2003

Qualified plans simple to administer; offer benefits to employees, owners

Year-end checklist helps 2003 preparation

Dec 1, 2002

Gift lists are the hallmark of the holiday season and the well-organized mind. Shopping duties, generally anticipated as a fun activity, tend to quickly be completed as compared to other lists that occur at year-end. Issues of business management are procrastinated to a much greater extent.

Frequent flyer programs: Are you at risk from IRS?

Oct 1, 2002

Personal use of business-earned frequent flyer program premiums continues as a gray area when it comes to taxability.

Filing tax extension could reap benefits

Jun 1, 2002

Tax return extension is almost always the most advisable course of action for those with more complex tax issues.

Behavior wellness programs can create safe, compasionate environment

May 1, 2002

Compassionate care in the veterinary hospital setting would seem to be a given fact of everyday operations.

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Mar 1, 2002

Disputes and conflicts commonly arise in any business.

Financial considerations critical component to successful merchandising

Mar 1, 2002

Dr. Marsha Heinke provides an overview of the financial components that need to be considered when adding retail services and products.

Got a plan? Here are 15 points to consider

Jan 1, 2002

Understanding that your practice is a significant investment is only a convenient starting point.

Concerned about 'excessive' compensation?

Aug 1, 2001

Everything you read today indicates an overwhelming opinion consensus that veterinarians are paid abysmally as compared to other professions and even occupations.


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