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Articles by Gerald Snyder, VMD

Take the tough steps needed to work, live with less

Nov 1, 2009

The watchword in this recession is less. Clients spend less, and our bottom line takes a nosedive. We clearly need to provide for ourselves and our staff by lowering expenses.

The veterinary practice manager's role increases during hard times

Oct 1, 2009

Every practice, whatever its size, needs a strong, reliable manager to oversee associates and staff. Once trained, he or she should have a relatively free hand to deal with all management problems as they arise.

Performance evaluation form for managers

Use this form to highlight where your manager is succeeding--and where improvement is needed.
Oct 1, 2009

Use this form to highlight where your manager is succeeding--and where improvement is needed.

The 5-to-7 ratio

Obeying this economic equation is crucial to your practice's survival
Sep 1, 2009

Violate the 5-to-7 ratio at your risk. That is the ratio between a veterinary practice's gross revenue and the cost of paraprofessional staff. Anything outside that ratio is bad for the practice.

Surviving in today's economic jungle

Choice of location, monitoring average client transactions are key
Aug 1, 2009

There's nothing unethical about trying to increase average client transactions.

Are you giving your best to your best clients?

They are the ones who can best ensure your practice remains viable
Jul 1, 2009

Tough talk is the basis of my column. And it's especially needed as our struggling economy flops around like a newly caught fish in the bottom of your boat.

New graduates face a brave new world

Fewer practice buyers, growing student debt, postponed retirements are concerns
Jun 1, 2009

Brace yourselves. Sometime this summer, coming to an area near you, will be the new graduate.

Production pay: How to determine the right percentage

May 1, 2009

How do you determine the percentage that goes into a production-based pay contract for an associate?

Production-based pay: An economic necessity

Apr 1, 2009

Our immediate future is about 80 watts short of bright.


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