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Articles by Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP

Interpreting dental radiographs for periodontal disease

Jul 1, 2004

Coming in September: Interpreting endodontic X-rays will be the subject of the next article in Dr. Bellows' radiography series.

How to incorporate dental radiology into your practice

May 1, 2004

All small animal practitioners routinely take radiographs of patients where indicated. Radiographs simply put, help the veterinarian evaluate the patient.

Periodontal disease-a primer on recognition and therapy

Jan 1, 2004

Periodontal inflammation is the most common syndrome affecting small animals. In no other area of the body can the dedicated veterinarian and dental team make a lifelong difference in patient health and longevity.

Fractured tooth presents options for correction; classifications defined

Oct 1, 2003

When presented with a patient that has a fractured tooth, the practitioner is faced with options for care: do nothing, follow the patient with serial radiographs, place a crown on top of the fracture with or without performing root canal therapy, or extract the tooth. The decision is based on patient and client factors. This foundation article will discuss patient factors.


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