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Articles by Jessica Tremayne

Canine Genome decoded

Jan 1, 2006

Boston — The genetic makeup of cancer is the next target for researchers at the Broad Institute after the successful mapping of the canine genome.

Texas A&M performs rare canine heart surgery

Jan 1, 2006

College Station, Texas — The second-ever attempt to perform cardiac catheterization on a dog was successful at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Wilma brushes Florida; 'could have been worse'

Practices will recover from economic loss
Dec 1, 2005

Orlando, Fla. — While the eighth storm to hit Florida in the past 14 months spared businesses and residents massive structural damage, practitioners say the lack of electricity put a significant dent in their wallets.

Toxoplasmosis risks target of research, vaccine development

UI veterinarians address public health policy
Dec 1, 2005

Urbana, Ill. — Toxoplasmosis might be a greater risk to humans than what is perceived, according to a paper written by a University of Illinois (UI) DVM on subclinical effects of the parasite.

Salmonella recruited to fight cancerous tumors

Bacteria treats canine sarcoma and melanoma
Nov 1, 2005

Fort Collins, Colo.—Colorado State University (CSU) veterinarians are successfully using genetically modified Salmonella to treat soft-tissue sarcomas and melanoma in pet dogs.

WSU examines student psychology

Nov 1, 2005

Pullman, Wash. — Non-technical competencies contributing to career success are being investigated as a new model for training veterinary students.

Army of 1,200 DVMs, technicians converge on Gulf Coast in rescue campaign

Rita response much more coordinated, officials say
Nov 1, 2005

Jackson, La. — Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS), a branch of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), deployed more than 1,200 veterinarians and technicians to aid distressed animals in Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Power outages most pressing concern for Texas DVMs

Nov 1, 2005

An estimated 100 Texas veterinary practices were located in the area hardest hit by Hurricane Rita, according to the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA); long-term economic damage to practices had not been estimated at presstime.

Storm Stories - Veterinarians share their trials following back-to-back hurricanes

Nov 1, 2005

"I never felt so helpless in my life," says Dr. Dennis Selig, a Gulfport, Miss., veterinarian, recalling his emotion during Hurricane Katrina. "I couldn't stop anything from being ruined. I thought about how family and friends were holding up and before the storm was over, I was thinking about what I would need to do to fix everything. What Hurricane Katrina didn't finish off, Rita did."


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