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Articles by Christina Macejko

HSUS wants food-animal housing changes in Ohio

Apr 16, 2009

Columbus, Ohio -- The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is targeting Ohio's farming practices in an effort to change housing requirements for farm animals.

Web exclusive: Challenges of a rural vet

Apr 8, 2009

Dr. Shelley Lenz refuses to be typecast into the role of overworked, underpaid rural vet.

Animal-welfare concerns are changing the way DVMs work

Societal 'awareness' increasingly influencing teaching, practice of veterinary medicine
Apr 1, 2009

New animal-welfare laws are at a high and it's taking its toll on the profession.

Changes in agriculture place new demands on rural veterinarians

Shortage is real, but hard to assess; recruitment, mentoring needs cited by veterinary officials
Apr 1, 2009

National Report — While the shortage of rural veterinarians across the country is palpable, the number of people needed isn't.

Public-health DVM shortage called 'critical'

Apr 1, 2009

The dramatic shortage of public-health veterinarians could put the nation at risk.

AVMA marketing director steps down

Mar 13, 2009

Schaumberg, Ill. -- Jim Flanigan, director of marketing with AVMA for the past seven years, has left the association for the Society of Critical Care Medicine, a human health organization.

GAO report: Agency says U.S. clueless on staffing of DVM workforce

Mar 1, 2009

National Report — The federal government lacks a comprehensive understanding of the sufficiency of its veterinarian work force, according to the Government Accounting Office.

Specialists: Clients' struggles impact DVMs

State of the Profession 2009: General practitioners do more diagnostics, in-house services than before
Mar 1, 2009

National Report — Pet owners are shopping for price, veterinarians say, and it's impacting general practice and referrals.

Shake up at the NYC's Animal Medical Center

CEO steps down, CFO looks for new opportunity
Mar 1, 2009

New York — Dr. Jeffrey Klausner is out at the famed Animal Medical Center. But no one is really saying why.


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