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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Issues often neglected in employee manuals

Be sure your handbook addresses them to protect yourself, practice against litigation
Nov 1, 2008

I am sure that by now pretty much every veterinary hospital owner is aware that it is important to have an employee handbook or manual for clinic workers.

Limited licensure raises legal, liability issues

Differing regulations, fees authority among the states could be problematic
Oct 1, 2008

The debate over limited licensure has many factors.

Long-term care insurance: policy choices and elections

Sep 1, 2008

When I wrote the first half of this article a few months ago, I had no idea how much interest and how many inquiries I would receive on the subject of so-called "policies." Consequently, I thought I would put together the final piece sooner rather than later. I will admit that the subject is a bit complex, and may not be the most enthralling topic in the world. Nonetheless, it is an important one for veterinary practitioners who are concerned about their estates, their surviving relatives and the quality of care they hope to receive as seniors.

What's really bothering you?

Seeking legal help with job complaints? First engage them
Aug 1, 2008

Veterinary school and law-school training actually have quite a bit in common. For example, when I finished each, I soon realized just how huge was the volume of practical things I needed to know but did not.

Third-party payment system makes economic, legal sense

DVMs carry an unwieldy burden as doctors, administrators
Jul 1, 2008

The demands upon us continue to increase with each advance in technological sophistication.

Probing for worker misconduct plants legal land mines

Jun 1, 2008

It wouldn't surprise me if a certain percentage of readers who merely scan this month's piece do so because they don't see what relevance the topic could possibly have to the practicing veterinarian. I understand completely because, at first blush, it doesn't seem possible that any "investigations" would need to be carried out in an animal hospital and, even if one did need to be done, how complicated could it be?

Summer volunteers raise legal, insurance and pay issues

May 1, 2008

I remember the summer days of my youth. My dad's veterinary practice, within walking distance of the local high school, was always fully staffed with local adolescents who just loved to be around animals. True, they didn't know anything about animal restraint or when to use gloves or pretty much anything else, but they were eager and willing and looking for a chance to get some experience with a veterinarian.

Firing employees on workers' comp can present challenges

Apr 1, 2008

They say that most things in life swing like a pendulum from extreme to extreme. We know the business economy follows a boom-and-bust cycle that is mitigated only marginally through government intervention. Also, the political inclinations of society vacillate between conservative and liberal thought and from intolerance to excessive political correctness.

Two to-do lists

Apr 1, 2008

This legal threat, as with so many others, leaves us as veterinary practitioners with a "to-do" list. Actually two "to-do" lists, and they are as follows:


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