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Articles by Johnny D. Hoskins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Forebrain disease in older cats: Look for intracranial neoplasia

Sep 1, 2004

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Interpreting protein concentrations takes investigative work

Aug 1, 2004

Albumin and globulin concentrations, as well as total protein concentrations, should be assessed ...

What are the medical problems with intra-abdominal neoplasia?

Aug 1, 2004

Surgery is the only meaningful option for this cat.

Try to decompress biliary occlusion

Jul 1, 2004


How are you managing chronic rhinosinusitis?

Jun 1, 2004

Enrofloxacin or marbofloxacin may be useful, and use of azithromycin is becoming popular in cattery and breeder situations.

Rely on clinical skills to diagnose ferret adrenal disease

Jun 1, 2004

Medical treatment of adrenal disease is usually reserved for ferrets that are poor surgical candidates.

Testicular cancer remains easily preventable disease

May 1, 2004

Signalment: Canine, Labrador Retriever, 12 years old, male, 73 pounds.

Complete tumor staging warranted with osteosarcoma

May 1, 2004

Q. How does one manage dogs with diagnosed osteosarcoma?

Should circulatory shock heighten suspicion of hypoadrenocorticism?

Apr 1, 2004

Signalment: Canine, Maltese, 2 years old, male, neutered, 8.4 lbs.


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