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Articles by Christina Macejko

DVMs to help set guidelines for Pa. dog law

Canine Health Board created to regulate commercial kennels
Dec 1, 2008

Harrisburg, Pa. — A newly formed nine-member Canine Health Board has just 45 days to establish guidelines.

State boards wage war on lay persons practicing veterinary medicine

States scramble to fight lawsuits, prosecute and find solutions
Dec 1, 2008

National Report — State licensing boards are waging war against lay persons performing veterinary medicine, but with attorneys unwilling to prosecute the problem continues to grow. Some believe lay persons are pushing the boundary by offering therapeutic massage, reproductive and chiropractic services.

Schrader wins seat in Congress

Oregon DVM will work with AVMA on a pro-animal, pro-veterinary agenda
Dec 1, 2008

Having newly elected U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader in Congress means veterinarians have a representative in government who understands issues specific to the veterinary community, officials say.

AVMA House Advisory Committee recommends approval of 3 resolutions

No changes to AVMA election process, winter meeting location
Dec 1, 2008

Schaumburg, Ill. — The AVMA House Advisory Committee considered 10 resolutions at its November meeting, recommending three for approval.

DVM salaries up since 2005, but trend could be slowing

Nov 21, 2008

Veterinary salaries are growing at a higher rate than inflation, according to a new AVMA report.

FDA barraged with comments on extra-label use of cephalosporin

Nov 6, 2008

Washington -- An FDA-ordered ban of extra-label use of cephalosporin in food-producing animals could be delayed after nearly 300 comments poured in during an already extended public comment period.

UC-Davis forms International Animal Welfare Institute

Science-based solutions to be addressed
Nov 1, 2008

DAVIS, CALIF. — As public perception of animal welfare has changed, the need for education has increased, which is why the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine formed the International Animal Welfare Training Institute.

AVMA plans site visit in Mexico

Nov 1, 2008

SCHAUMBURG, ILL. — The American Veterinary Medical Assocation's Council on Education (COE) granted a request from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UnAM) for a site visit, which is a preliminary step in the accreditation process. The COE made a consultative visit in 2006, after which it made recommendations for what the school could do — such as facilities upgrades and curriculum completion — to receive accreditation.

AVMA finances weathering Wall Street's roller coaster

Nov 1, 2008

While many in the country have seen a drop in their investment portfolios, the AVMA is doing pretty well.


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