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Ernest E. Ward Jr., DVM

Ernest E. Ward Jr., DVM, is the chief of staff at Seaside Animal Care in Calabash, N.C., and owner of the consulting firm, E3 Management. Dr. Ward is the author of Creating the Veterinary Experience (E3 Management, 2000). He is a frequent speaker and a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member.

Dental care from top to bottom
January 1, 2005

Remember, most clients won't appreciate the seriousness of periodontal isease until they see it.

Educating clients about their cats' healthcare
June 1, 2004

Alex Martin was raised in a dog-friendly home. As a child, he shared a bedroom with his brother and a 60-lb Labrador retriever. Most of his family photos include various dogs the family owned over the years, but no cats are in the portraits. "Cats hung around the house, but were never considered part of the family," Martin says.


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