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Dr. Buzhardt is a companion animal practitioner and co-owner of The Animal Center, Inc., in Zachary, La. A native of Louisiana, she graduated with honors from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. Following graduation, Dr. Buzhardt became an associate in a small animal practice in Baton Rouge. In 1982, she and her husband, Scott, also a veterinarian, became owners of The Animal Center. Dr. Buzhardt has more than 15 years of experience in conducting pharmaceutical field trials. She has served as a spokesperson for several animal health companies on key issues of concern to pet owners. As an advocate of the human-companion animal bond, Dr. Buzhardt has been recognized by the human medical community for her seminars that focus in integrating infants into pet-owning households. She also coordinates pet therapy programs for the elderly and pet education programs in elementary schools.

Increasing the feline half of your practice
June 1, 2004

Treating just one species is challenging enough, but veterinarians in general practice must care for dogs and cats every day of the week, and many of these general practitioners consider the following two facts incontrovertible:

Implementing a feline preventive medicine program
May 1, 2003

Now that you have decided what to include in your feline preventive medicine program, how do you implement your ideas? The implementation process begins where everything else begins in a typical veterinary hospital - at the front desk.

Preventive medicine for feline patients provides link to comprehensive care
May 1, 2003

Veterinarians are busy individuals who multi-task with fervor. How else can we accomplish all that we must during the normal workday? We have to play the role of internist, pharmacist, radiologist, dentist, animal behaviorist, practice manager, human relations expert, environmental protection engineer, chief financial officer and employee/client counselor all rolled into one.


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