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Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Dipl. ACHE

Life skills turn priceless in practice
November 1, 2005

You have graduated; you passed the boards, and you have finally found a practice that is a great fit. The owner is excited about having you start your career at the practice, too. Now you must walk through the door of that practice and make your first impression as a new team member.

Headknocking: What's a practice manager to do?
June 19, 2005

It's great to see many practices are now acknowledging that the old, traditional methods of management are not effective, and they are modernizing their strategies and taking steps to improve staff morale, and consequently productivity.

Weigh your needs before signing contracts
March 1, 2005

New graduates do not have the privilege of "dating" practices. This a one reason why so few stay with their first practices.

Mind the three Rs: recall, recheck or remind
December 21, 2004

The usual encounter starts with a progress-notes entry for the client concern, a weight (hopefully sequential with a body-condition score), a TPR, a BP, lead II ECG, tonopen screen and maybe even a urinary kidney screen.

Are you designing your destiny?
November 16, 2004

One of the most often-used consultation summaries, in my experience, comes from the comments on creating our own day.

Mistakes happen: Learn how to manage them
November 1, 2004

In preparing this article, my mind races back to my days as a veterinary student at Colorado State University. One of the more vivid memories I recall involved my surgery partner. He was performing a femoral head resection. The stockinette leg slips up his arm, and he grabs it with his lower jaw and shoulder just as the surgery professor walks up.

How to manage personality conflicts in practice
September 17, 2004

The trite phrase, "personality conflicts," allows key issues to be ignored or defined out of existence in daily operations. The term could mean the practice did not hire for "team fit," or they did not establish a "safe-haven" environment when establishing behavior expectations.

How open should you be about open book management?
August 1, 2004

The phrase "open book management" means many different things to different people, and in some arenas makes the staff cringe with fear of the charts posted on the wall and the monthly beatings which occur when they do not reach their assigned quotas.

Create a strategy for effective employee compensation
June 2, 2004

Practice owners need to strategize on employee compensation.


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