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Byron L. Blagburn, MS, PhD

Dr. Byron L. Blagburn is professor of parasitology in the Department of Pathobiology at Auburn Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine. He received his master of science degree in parasitology from Andrews University and his doctor of philosophy degree in parasitology from the University of Illinois. Dr. Blagburn received the Beecham Award for Research Excellence in 1987.

A case for year-round flea control
May 1, 2010

Dr. Byron Blagburn discusses how the control of fleas and flea-induced diseases requires a considerable effort by both pet owners and veterinarians.

Just how common are canine and feline intestinal parasites?
August 1, 2007

Given the number and kinds of effective de-wormers that are available, parasitologists often are asked why parasites continue to be prevalent and important disease agents of companion animals.

New strategies for successful feline parasite control
June 1, 2005

Cats are host to a variety of internal and external parasites. Despite the documented prevalence and zoonotic importance of these parasites, many pet owners and some veterinarians aren't convinced that comprehensive feline parasite control strategies are needed. This viewpoint may stem from the previous lack of safe, effective, and convenient broad-spectrum parasiticides and the difficulties in acquiring adequate fecal samples. Fortunately, newer broad-spectrum agents (Table 1), particularly those with label claims against heartworms and fleas, allow veterinarians to eliminate a higher percentage of feline parasites. Let's review some of the key feline parasites and discuss new strategies for controlling them.

Expert recommendations on feline parasite control
June 1, 2004

The CAPC guidelines are based on the concept that awareness of heartworms and other parasites can increase compliant use of broad-spectrum agents.

Diagnosing internal parasites in cats
May 1, 2003

Most of us are aware that numbers of cats have surpassed dogs as pets in United States households.

Important heartworm basics for the practicing veterinarian
March 1, 2003

Dr. Byron Blagburn offers support to understanding why the life cycle and epidemiology of heartworms is required for diagnostic, treatment and control strategies.

Problems associated with intestinal parasites in cats
May 1, 2002

Byron Blagburn sheds light on the problems internal parasites can cause to the health of cats and their owners.

New trends and technologies in heartworm prevention
September 1, 2001

Dr. Byron Blagburn takes a look at the advancements made in heartworm prevention and the impact they have made.


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