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James Iafe, VMD

Beware giving up veterinary client information
July 1, 2010

There's more at stake than a fine when you mishandle client and employee information

Amendment may exempt veterinarians from Red Flags Rule
April 1, 2010

An amendment could exempt certain businesses, including veterinarians, from the Red Flags Rule.

More than the Red Flags Rule
April 1, 2010

Secure your clients' and team members' private information against identity theft and mitigate your own risk of future fines

Despite FTC delays, compliance with Red Flags Rule can help protect clients
December 1, 2009

Six steps to complying with the Red Flags Rule.

Does your practice have a written identity theft program?
May 1, 2009

With small-animal practitioners deferring payments and large-animal veterinarians billing their clients, there is no doubt that the "Red Flags" provision of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, which became effective May 1, applies to the veterinary profession.

How to develop and maintain an effective privacy-protection plan
July 1, 2007

The first article in this series discussed reasons veterinarians should keep their private practice private (May, 2007). Last month, the topic was why privacy makes good business sense. This final article outlines a program on making sure sensitive data about employees and customers is protected.

Is your private practice really private?
May 1, 2007

It's simply good business practice that will reduce or eliminate costly incidents.


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