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Barry Kipperman, DVM, DACVIM

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Dr. Kipperman is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He has practiced in a 24-hour referral practice since 1992. Dr. Kipperman is owner of the VetCare-24 hour referral practice in Dublin, Calif. He is guest lecturer at the University of California-Davis veterinary school ethics course, and has presented symposia on standards of care and veterinary ethics.

Recent animal welfare actions in the food industry
May 3, 2013

Barry Kipperman says it's info small animal veterinarians should know.

Why small animal veterinarians should care about farm animals
May 1, 2013

Concern for animals slaughtered in the U.S. should be part of the veterinarian's oath.

Issue backgrounder
August 1, 2007

In March, The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) co-sponsored a bill mandating the sterilization of all owned dogs and cats in the state, but has changed its support to take a neutral position because of its members' negative reaction.

A case for mandatory sterilization
August 1, 2007

A California Veterinary Medical Association-backed bill to mandate pet sterilization statewide has garnered significant opposition by local and national breeding organizations who feel they are being punished by having to pay abstention fees.

Should we discuss the costs of care for sick pets with our clients?
June 1, 2004

How do we reconcile that financial limitations are a significant burden to our patients?

Specialists and general practitioners share limitations
April 1, 2004

What are the limitations of general practitioners (GPs) and specialists?

Quality of health care: Do we practice what we preach?
January 1, 2004

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine attempted to evaluate the quality of care provided to patients by comparing medical records from hospitals with the standard "evidence-based" best practice relative to the patient's particular medical problem.

Ethics quiz results: Accountability should rank high
October 1, 2003

Question 1: What is the most important determinant in your decision to advise referral of a patient for overnight care?

Doing 'the right thing'
May 1, 2003

I see a geriatric dog with recent onset seizures that are not being controlled with anti-convulsant medications.


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