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Susan Ruiz Patton

Ms. Patton is a freelance journalist living in Cleveland.

The new meaning of healthcare reform
May 1, 2010

National Report — While sweeping healthcare reform legislation passed Congress, it will take until 2014 to create the infrastructure needed to support small business, experts say.

When tragedy strikes
April 1, 2010

Two employees dead, one in a car crash another murdered, leaves a practice reeling.

Handling workplace tragedies
April 1, 2010

Sometimes you need professional help when your practice experiences a tragedy, but there are some things you can do to help your staff recover.

Examining this year's risks for vector-borne diseases
March 1, 2010

National Report — Vector-borne diseases have the attention of the nation's parasitologists this year. And they are watching for signs of migration and disease spread.

What to do when your clients complain online
January 1, 2010

No matter how effective, careful or sensitive a veterinarian tries to be, somebody is going to complain.


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