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Andrew Roark, DVM, MS

Andrew Roark, DVM, MS

Dr. Roark is a veterinarian at Green Valley Animal Hospital in Ijamsville, Md. Follow him on twitter @DrAndyRoark and at

Why veterinarians should be more like a Louisiana shoeshiner
July 1, 2014

If my veterinary clients feel half as good as I did after visiting the 'Michael Jordan of shoeshines,' I'll be thrilled.

Do you want to scale to new veterinary heights or just plateau?
March 1, 2014

It's easy to get stuck at 'good enough' when it comes to growing your skills and knowledge in veterinary practice. But that won't make you the best.

Why veterinarians stick with disastrous decisions
September 1, 2013

We practitioners have a terrible time admitting we've made a mistake. We need to get over it.

Q&A: The importance of a personal veterinary-client-patient relationship
June 1, 2013

Dr. Andrew Roark says despite all the advances in technology, until pets can talk, the physical exam is still essential.

Three reasons veterinarians are not doomed
May 7, 2013

Want to fix what's wrong with veterinary medicine? First, remember what's right.

Weighing the cost of written prescriptions
May 1, 2013

Will patient care suffer or thrive if we say goodbye to our in-house pharmacies?

The fastest path veterinarians can take to unhappiness
April 1, 2013

Learn to compare yourself to other veterinarians in a healthy way.

10 veterinary pages to 'like' on Facebook
January 1, 2013

These people, veterinary practices and nonprofits can help you finesse your Facebook presence.

Parenthood: The ultimate veterinary training
November 1, 2012

Four meaningful lessons on being a better veterinarian—from those you might not expect it from.


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