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YOUR DVM CAREER, Apr 1, 2006
Tracking compliance propels better medicine
By David Frabotta
College Station, Texas — New associates can offer better care if they offer clients comprehensive treatment options and follow-up on the adherence of accepted recommendations.
Nine tips to boost a practice's bottom line
By William J. Lynott
National Report — Veterinary students need to factor educational increases into long-term financial plans. Rising tuition costs usually mean decreased spending limits and increased debt load, experts say.
Great expectations
By Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM
When it comes to a veterinary student's first job, anxiety comes standard. Speculation about life following graduation is also a given.
Beyond science, medicine
By John B. McCarthy, DVM, MBA, CAE
As a newly graduated veterinarian, you have amassed scientific and technical knowledge to diagnose and treat your patients in an exemplary manner. However, it will be fruitless if you are unable to communicate with others involved in your efforts. That means trying to find a common language, common experiences and common attitudes. The goal of effective communication is to truly connect with others, finding shared ground for discussion, problem-solving creativity and the transfer of information.
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