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YOUR DVM CAREER, Apr 1, 2007
Starting a practice: Is it beyond your reach
By James M. Lewis
Recent veterinary graduates with a yen to open their own practice often face what might seem an insurmountable barrier.
Modern messaging can signal risk
By Krista Schultz
National Report — When used with caution, the modern capabilities of e-mail and text messaging, now available on almost any cell phone or Blackberry, can improve and speed communication in a veterinary practice. But without appropriate limits, that practice can be damaged swiftly, experts say.
Strong DVM-client bonds translate to success
By Krista Schultz
Las Vegas — Explain care benefits, cater communication to client personalities and show genuine interest in a pet owner's concerns. These techniques, according to a recent study, ensure pet owners are willing to pay for the highest quality of veterinary care.
Desperate search for rural DVMs
By Jennifer Fiala
Colebrook, N.H. — Despite warnings describing the shortage of large-animal veterinarians as acute, new graduates continue to steer clear of what's arguably the profession's neediest segment.
Studies show DVMs admired, strained
By Jennifer Fiala
The public believes veterinarians are smart, compassionate and empathetic.
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