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YOUR DVM CAREER, Nov 1, 2006
Men earn more as salaries, debt rise
By Jennifer Fiala
Fresh out of college, Dr. Carlos Vareli earns $72,000 a year and pays on $75,000 in education loans.
Art of communication
By John B. McCarthy, DVM, MBA, CAE
Years of study and knowledge amount to nothing if veterinary graduates fail in the communication department.
Revolving credit reduces ownership opportunities
By David Frabotta
National Report —Though many veterinarians fret about student loans prohibiting them from buying a practice, the real killer is revolving credit, such as credit cards and car loans.
Achieve your goals in veterinary practice
By Jennifer Fiala
Before you even applied to veterinary school, you had a vision of what you wanted to accomplish once you had that DVM license in your hands.
Non-compete clauses: make them reasonable
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
Non-competition agreements almost always hide issues involved when a veterinarian agrees to limit the scope or location of his or her right to practice veterinary medicine.
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