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DVM InFocus, Feb 1, 2010
6 easy ways to market your dental services
If you believe in the importance of pet dental health, it's easier to convince clients. Consider these marketing tips
What are oronasal or oroantral fistulas?
By Dale Kressin, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC
Oronasal and oroantral fistulas are communications between the oral cavity and the respiratory tract.
The analgesic triad: Managing patient pain from oral disease
By Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM
Veterinary patients with chronic oral disease requiring oral surgery benefit tremendously from what I call the analgesic triad: continuous rate infusions (CRIs), physiologically targeted post-operative analgesics and regional nerve blocks.
Severe periodontal disease: Take a moment to lift the lip
By Linda Marie Wetzel
Dr. Colin Harvey speaks about treatment of severe periodontal disease and shared his insights about dealing with the special needs of afflicted animals.
A simple way to obtain a bite registration
By Thoulton W. Surgeon, DVM, FAVD, Dipl. AVDC
A bite registration can be a valuable part of orthodontic planning for patients with a rostral crossbite.
Dental homecare compliance: Talk to clients about the realities, long-term costs of poor oral health
By William R. Gengler, DVM, Dipl. AVDC
In the last 20 years, veterinary dentistry has seen tremendous growth in the education of veterinarians regarding oral health. And the message is being communicated to pet owners.
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