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DVM Best Practices, Mar 1, 2003
Parasite control
DVM Newsmagazine realizes the important role veterinarians and their staff play in maintaining the strength of the human-animal bond.
Emerging zoonoses and DVMs: Knowledge for everyday
By Radford Davis, DVM, MPH
Dr. Radford Davis explains why veterinarians need to take the lead in talking to their clients about the potential risks of disease transmission from pets to clients and why prevention is so important.
Parasite Diagnostic
Accurate evaluation of fecal samples critical to patient
By Patricia A. Payne DVM, PhD
Dr. Patricia Payne and Dr. Michael Dryden tackle the problems that can occur when the proper diagnostic techniques are not applied in a parasite control program.
Important heartworm basics for the practicing veterinarian
By Byron L. Blagburn, MS, PhD
Dr. Byron Blagburn offers support to understanding why the life cycle and epidemiology of heartworms is required for diagnostic, treatment and control strategies.
Canine Heartworm
Heartworm-positive dog requires tailored treatment
By John W. McCall, Ph.D.
Dr. John McCall details how to treat patients suffering from heartworm disease. Treatment takes time and strict monitoring but yields positive outcomes.
Variety of producers help in ectoparasite control
By Patricia A. Payne DVM, PhD
Dr. Patricia Payne reviews why it is essential for veterinarians to stay up-to-date on diagnosing and treating octoparasites.
Lyme disease
Canine Lyme disease still raises debate on definitive diagnosis
By Gregory Troy
Dr. Gregory Troy pinpoints the factors that help practioners determine a definitive diagnosis for Canine Lyme disease and how to treat it.
Shelter animals offer different challenges for parasite control
By Kerry Muhovich, DVM, MPH
Dr. Kerry Muhovich discusses the special considerations practioners need to be aware of when providing parasite control for newly adopted pets.
Implementing a strategic deworming program in your practice
By Chris Heagle, DVM
Drs. Chris and Robb Heagle team up to outline an effective parasite control program that empowers the entire staff to educate clients about protecting their pets from disease.
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