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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Feb 1, 2012
A call to protest
By Rachael Whitcomb
Veterinarians converge on Mississippi shelter to address competitive pressures.
Drought forces better management practices
By Christina Macejko
National Report — Years of dry weather followed by the worst drought in Texas' history is forcing ranchers to make some tough decisions and leaving food-animal and equine veterinarians wondering what the next few years will hold.
Lost cemetery proves costly for DVM in building new practice
By Rachael Whitcomb
Dr. Steve Dullard didn't expect to find a cemetery when he broke ground on his new veterinary practice.
BLM admits fault in wild-horse gather program
By Rachael Whitcomb
The Bureau of Land Management has set our corrective actions following an internal review.
Caseload at Tufts' Wildlife Clinic jumps 12 percent
By Rachael Whitcomb
North Grafton, Mass. — A bad economy that drove wildlife rehabilitators to scale back their intake and brutal ewather events helped push the annual caseload at the Tufts Wildlife Clinic up by 12 percent in 2011.
Lilly files suit to stop diversion
Indianapolis — Eli Lilly filed suit against an Australian veterinary clinic for allegedly reselling its Australian-labeled Comfortis product to U.S. consumers.
New poll queries pet owners about information sources, medical concerns
While pet owners believe that adopting pets from a shelter is morally responsible, most are getting pets as gifts or by taking in stray, according to a new poll by AP-Petside.com.
UC-Davis unveils new genetic clues relating to the origins of certain dog breeds
Davis, Calif. — A University of California-Davis (UC-Davis) study shows American and European canines may be more closely related to dogs from Southeast Asia than previously believed.
USDA chief says a return to horse slaughter doubtful
By Rachael Whitcomb
Washington — When it comes to reopening horse slaughter operations in the United States, government officials say they doubt horse slaughter for meat will resume any time soon.
Paying it forward with wildlife cases
By Rachael Whitcomb
National Report—Most veterinrians have treated injured wildlife brought into their clinics.
ABVP names new diplomates
Chicago— Thirty-nine diplomates obtained certification after the successful completion of examinations.
Catlyst Council to expand makeover program
National Report —The CATalyst Council plan to expand it Cat Friendly Practice Makeover in 2012.
Florida may allow pharmacies to fill out-of-state veterinary prescriptions
Tallahassee, Fla. — Pharmacists in Florida will be able to fill veterinary prescriptions for out-of-state pharmacists is new state legislation passes.
Groups push to establish equine dentistry as a specialty
National Report — Several groups have teamed up to establish equine dentistry as a recognized specialty in North America and Europe and create a specialty college.
NAVTA recognizes new specialty for technicians
Washington — The Academy of Veterinary Clinical Pathology Technicians is the newest veterinary technician specialty to be recognized by NAVTA.
Nebraska regulators crack down on wildlife ownership
Lincoln, Neb. — The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission want annual permits for wildlife kept in captivity.
Oregon pharmacy board outlines rules for sodium pentobarbital use
Salem, Ore. — The Oregon Board of Pharmacy amended its controlled substances rules as they apply to certain euthanasia drugs
Translational research targets gliomas
Blacksburg, Va.— A Virginia-Tech veterinarian is partnering with Wake Forest University to develop an improved therapeutic approach to managing gliomas.
Virginia veterinary board revises rules for drug destruction procedures
Richmond, Va. —The Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine finalized new drug destruction procedures for veterinarians.
Small Animal
Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital embraces past, reaches out to future
By Stephanie Fellenstein
Over the past 57 years, the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital near Denver has grown from a one-doctor operation to a practice with close to 100 employees, a year-round schedule and cutting-edge technologies.
Deliver a new standard of care in veterinary dentistry
By Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM
Change your practice's approach to National Pet Dental Health Month.
Fine-needle biopsy: Are you using this valuable diagnostic tool?
By Ronald Lyman, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM , Robert Runde, VMD
A recent article discussed how fine-needle aspiration and fine-needle fenestration can be powerful diagnostic tools.
Neuropathic pain, Part 2: Conditions that cause pain signals to go awry
By Mark E. Epstein, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, CVPP
Dr. Mark Epstein looks at what can result in this maladaptive pain state in veterinary patients.
Examining the rising cost of equine health insurance
By Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM
The debate on why costs are increasing goes on, but is there a solution?
When maternal behavior in mares goes wrong
By Ed Kane, PhD
Management options include reestablishing bonds with the foals or using surrogate mares.
Featured Contributors
Don't let veterinary team member raises raise your blood pressure
By David M. Lane, DVM, MS
Be smart about the costs of employing veterinary team members and make sure you can pay for what you promise
Ethical dilemma: Seeing through a susceptible pet's seizure
By Marc Rosenberg, VMD
This new column on ethical dilemmas opens with a difference of opinion about medication
Lameness exam hijinks
By Bo Brock, DVM
When lameness exams multiply, attention to details dwindles
Market Watch: What do you want from me?
By Michael Paul, DVM
Try these 11 tips to ensure your practice is exceptional.
Use 'The Exam Room 6' for better medicine at your veterinary practice
By Michael H. Riegger, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
This pocket card can serve as an aid for exam room effectiveness. I bring mine with me for each appointment
When practice business entities go wild
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
Keep business paperwork on a short leash, or you may find your LLC or corporation is out of your control
Looking for answers in all the wrong places
By Michael A. Obenski
Last Thursday was particularly frustrating.
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