DVM360 MAGAZINE, Jan 1, 2013 - DVM
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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Jan 1, 2013
Top veterinary news trends in 2013
A look to what we'll be talking about in 2013.
Shelters: friend or foe? CATalyst takes a look
Study: Misperceptions exist but so does willingness to work together.
FDA urges veterinarians to avoid ambiguity when writing prescriptions for pets
Human pharmacists may misinterpret veterinary medication and dosage instructions, agency says.
When faced with disaster, veterinary practices need a plan
By Julie Scheidegger
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, all veterinary practice owners should make disaster plans a priority, expert says.
Oregon veterinarians tally retail pharmacists' mistakes
By Kristi Reimer, Editor, News Channel Director
Survey reveals dosage changes, product substitutions that have harmed pets.
Arrest made in Minnesota veterinary hospital arson
By Julie Scheidegger
Practice owner plans to return to facility after renovation.
Dogs in the midst of disaster
By Ashley Barforoush, Associate Content Specialist
Search and rescue canines bring comfort, relief to Sandy victims.
Midwestern University confirms plans to open the nation's 29th veterinary school in Arizona
Glendale, Ariz. -- Midwestern University, with locations in Arizona and Indiana, is moving forward with plans to construct Arizona's first veterinary school.
Canadian SPCA concerned by number of 'home neutering' reports
Reports indicate use of Elastrator bands.
Washington veterinarian accused of abusing patients and clinic medication
Peter Rule, DVM, says allegations are false, blames disgruntled former employees.
Pets and Vets: Pit bull survives ax attack in Florida.
Animal health state by state.
New veterinary school planned for Arizona
By Andrea Hewitt, Assistant Content Specialist
Midwestern University is one of several new veterinary colleges in the works throughout the U.S.
Featured Contributors
Letter of the law: Nose out the nasty before purchasing property for a veterinary clinic
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
You could land yourself in a messy situation if you don't check out all environmental factors on that perfect piece of real estate for your veterinary clinic.
Practice survival: The new face of veterinary practice ownership
By Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM
Women have been steadily climbing the veterinary profession's ladder for years, and now they're taking on a new challenge—practice ownership.
21 tips to enhance your crystalluria interpretation
By Carl A. Osborne, DVM, PhD, DACVIM , Eugene Nwaokorie, DVM, MS
Use this list of dos and don'ts the next time you process a veterinary urine sample.
10 veterinary pages to 'like' on Facebook
By Andrew Roark, DVM, MS
These people, veterinary practices and nonprofits can help you finesse your Facebook presence.
The dilemma: Handling a former veterinary associate's dirty moves
By Marc Rosenberg, VMD
Clashes between veterinary colleagues are part of human nature—but when do they cross the line?
Death to debt: Veterinarians are not alone in the debt debacle
By Jeremy Campfield, DVM
Lessons from human medicine shed light on veterinary student debt.
Market watch: Understanding the ripple effect
By Michael Paul, DVM
The smallest act of support and encouragement can change your veterinary colleague's life.
Overcoming the barriers to heartworm prevention in your veterinary clinic
See how four veterinarians from across the country achieve year-round compliance.
Small Animal
A safer way to place chest tubes
By Julia Sumner, BVSc, MANZCVSc, DACVS
This technique involving a little soft tissue dissection reduces the chance of iatrogenic damage during placement.
Subgingival hair: An embedded predicament
By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP
Hair in the oral cavity? Is it a problem? If so, what can you do about it?
Uncovering the gray areas of EPM
By Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM
Certain areas have seen cluster outbreaks of this disease and helped shed light on risk factors and preventive measures.
Bucking the strain of bucked shins
By Ed Kane, PhD
Although fairly prevalent in 2-year-olds, this common inflammatory condition of the cannon bone can affect any Thoroughbred racehorse in training and lead to more serious injury further on in a horse's career.
AVMA, AAEP back anti-soring resolution introduced in U.S. House
HR 6388 aims to strengthen Horse Protection Act and USDA enforcement.
Horses test positive for equine herpesvirus in Minnesota
Two horses quarantined, one euthanized.
Effects of summer drought still felt in Missouri's horses
Mizzou veterinarian sees large spike in bacterial infection.
Where did I go wrong? Words with clients
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
Does your veterinary clinic express 'annual' glands and remove 'grow-nads'?
Stampede: Battle of the little bull
By Bo Brock, DVM
This small bovine causes huge problems when it gets loose in a veterinary clinic parking lot.
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