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DVM Best Practices, Jul 1, 2003
Client Compliance
DVM Newsmagazine recognizes the challenges veterinarians must conquer daily to have their clients comply with their recommendations.

We would like to thank Fort Dodge Animal Health for sponsoring this special issue and its commitment to educating veterinarians on issues that directly affect them in practice.
Compliance begins and ends with the veterinary team
By Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Dipl. ACHE
Dr. Thomas E. Catanzaro sifts through the misconceptions about compliance issues in practice.
Medical Records
Poor recordkeeping can interfere with compliance, bottom line
By Thom Haig, DVM
Dr. Thom Haig shows you how even minor record-keeping errors can reduce client compliance as well as the revenue of a practice.
Compliance Study
AAHA study identifies compliance gaps
The American Animal Hospital Association compliance study reveals that many veterinarians don't have as high a compliance rate as once thought.
Simple changes can aid in achieving higher compliance for programs. The approach you take with clients can influence the outcome of whether or not they follow your recommendations
By Linda Randall, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
Dr. Linda Randall explores how the veterinary team can have a direct influence on whether or not a client will except a recommendation.
Increase practice yield through improved compliance
By Marsha L. Heinke DVM, EA, CPA, CVPM
Dr. Marsha L. Heinke demonstrates how tracking your clients will lead to better compliance and the opportunity to offer better care to your patients.
Practice Tools
Common sense approaches encourage patient care recommendations
By Sue Schmidt, EA
Ms. Sue Schmidt provides you with the tools to build a stronger compliance ratio for your practice.
Telephone tips: Meeting client expectations
By Marsha L. Heinke DVM, EA, CPA, CVPM
Dr. Marsha L. Heinke offers a lesson in phone etiquette to ensure your staff doesn't shut the door on clients even before they walk in.
Proper staff training will eliminate barriers to providing medical services
By Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM
Ms. Karyn Gavzer identifies the barriers that prevent the veterinary team from getting clients to act on prescribed medical services.
Client Education
Client education keeps door open for compliance
By Jim Irwin, DVM
Dr. Jim Irwin schools you on how to provide clients with a thorough understanding on recommendations to increase the level of acceptance for care.
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