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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Mar 1, 2014
Manufacturers confident in revamped chicken jerky products
By Julie Scheidegger
Milo's Kitchen exits China while Purina remains to produce Chicken Jerky Tenders.
Overdue farm bill finally becomes law
Obama signs legislation into law at Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine.
Better Together: A veterinary specialty collaboration
By Sarah Moser
A unique business structure allows these veterinarians to provide great care while keeping their autonomy as doctors.
VPI: Preventing dental problems cheaper than treating
Average cleaning is $170; average treatment is $221, says veterinary insurance company.
Top pet toxins list includes grapes, raisins; joint supplement overdoses also a concern
Pet Poison Helpline tallies substances that prompted the most calls for help last year.
No increase in prospective veterinary students, but with three additional schools, applications rise
Average applicant applies to more than four veterinary schools.
Dr. Glen Hoffsis named as Lincoln Memorial College of Veterinary Medicine's new dean
Hoffsis to start in July; school to open in August.
American Heartworm Society issues revised guidelines
Resistance acknowledged; new veterinary testing methods recommended.
Pets and Vets: Relatively new veterinary technique saves cat from kidney failure
'Oki' is now back home with her owners—two UC-Davis veterinarians.
Program provides veterans' certified service dogs unlimited veterinary care
A grant allows Trupanion to cover 100 percent of veterinary bills.
Veterinary Innovation Challenge looks to students for entrepreneurship, creative ideas
Competition will award $10,000 to team with winning business proposal.
Veterinary ophthalmologists to provide free eye exams to service animals in May
Seventh annual ACVO event hopes to serve 8,000 animals this year.
American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture admitted to AVMA House of Delegates
900-member association represents growing practice area, officials say.
Voyce 'health band' aims to provide information dogs can't
New device monitors key vital signs and other data to track trends in pet wellness.
Veterinarians, techs invited to Pine Ridge Reservation
Visiting veterinarians welcomed to perform spay-neuter surgeries in rural South Dakota as part of Lakota Animal Care Project.
Featured Contributor
Should veterinary owners continue providing healthcare benefits—or not?
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
The Affordable Care Act may make it financially sensible for your small veterinary practice to stop providing an employee plan. It may also eliminate a part of ownership that was a headache anyway.
Stop making resolutions: Instead, commit to results when it comes to your veterinary practice
By Michael Paul, DVM
By this time of year, most people's good intentions have fizzled out. To find success, veterinarians need to take a different approach.
Prevent explosions by tackling conflict at its source
By Michael H. Riegger, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
Identify and address the root of each problem promptly—you'll learn from your issues and create a pleasant environment at your veterinary practice.
The beauty behind ol' blue eyes
By Bo Brock, DVM
Turns out there was a lifetime of love in this simple household task.
Do you want to scale to new veterinary heights or just plateau?
By Andrew Roark, DVM, MS
It's easy to get stuck at 'good enough' when it comes to growing your skills and knowledge in veterinary practice. But that won't make you the best.
Veterinarians' Q&A with Dr. Rosenberg
By Marc Rosenberg, VMD
Resident ethics expert and readers discuss solutions for two veterinary practice scenarios, including a laboratory error and an unused cancer drug.
The end is near if things don't change in the veterinary profession
By Gerald Snyder, VMD
Look at the numbers and save yourself—your veterinary practice too.
Bad reaction: How to prevent your veterinary practice from falling in the reactive medicine trap
By David M. Lane, DVM, MS
You may have found yourself dealing with an ailing pet, its angry owners and stiff competition from a nearby veterinary clinic. Use these tips to help you steer clear of detrimental, reactive practices and focus on providing the best care possible—proactively.
What to do about tooth resorption in your veterinary patients
By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP
Intraoral radiography can help identify this pathology in your patients—and guide you toward the next step in your treatment plan.
Veterinary surgeons: Have scalpel, will travel
By Jennifer L. Wardlaw, DVM, MS, DACVS
A new crop of board-certified specialists are bringing top-notch care and convenience to veterinary practices across the country.
Proximal suspensory desmopathy in horses
By Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM
A veterinary overview of the causes, diagnostic approach and treatment options for this common condition in performance horses.
The latest on laminitis: What veterinarians have learned and what lies ahead
By Ed Kane, PhD
Prevention and veterinary treatment strategies were highlighted at the recent International Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot.
New veterinary lab offers PCR testing for equine respiratory virus
Equine Diagnostic Solutions received high volume of requests for ERAV testing.
Scott Palmer appointed as New York's first equine veterinary medical director
Position created to ensure ethical standards and safety in state?s horse racing industry.
Veterinarians! Let the large-animal games begin!
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
Taking care of big critters is an intense job of Olympic proportions.
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