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YOUR DVM CAREER, Feb 1, 2004
Students create business certification program
By Jennifer Fiala
Faced with doubtful administrators, University of Pennsylvania students raise $70,000 to kick off management program
Students in animal sciences lack exposure, study shows
Gainesville, Fla.-A survey of students enrolled in animal agriculture at the University of Florida (UF) reveals that 86 percent had minimal or no experience working with large domestic farm animals.
Government may pay student loans for underserved areas
By Daniel R. Verdon
Washington-The government might start paying off veterinary student loans to entice new graduates to work in underserved areas.
Study sheds light on student problem solving

Columbia, Mo.-There's a definable difference between the problem-solving techniques of students and the approach most experts take when it comes to evaluating patients.

Practice Management
Hand off tasks with confidence, trust staff abilities, experts say
By Jennifer Fiala
Social skills, management abilities help ease way; lean on experienced technicians for support; abandon do-it-yourself attitudes in the workplace
Feature Articles
Painless contract negotiation possible, experts say
By Stephanie Davis
Negotiating for the right deal means understanding the compensation process, seeking out appropriate counsel
Live prudently now to pay down debt later
By Stephanie Davis
If students begin curbing all unhealthy spending habits while in school, academic leaders say they can trim the size of their pending student loan repayment substantially upon graduation.
Where to find jobs
Finding the right job takes planning; know what you want personally, professionally for longevity, satisfaction
Your best ally
By Stephanie Davis
Practice managers serve a variety of roles; can help new associates adjust to practice culture; run interference with non-medical problems
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