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YOUR DVM CAREER, Sep 1, 2001
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Guidelines offer protection in non-compete agreements
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

In the first two articles in this series on non-competition contracts, we saw the extent to which failing to be specific or failing to be cautious can work to the disadvantage of both parties to such an agreement.

Futurist sees animal rights principles going 'mainstream'

Redwood Shores, Calif.-The animal rights movement is changing the way society views animals, according to an ethnofuturist, and in the next 20 years its increasing influence will become even more evident.

Colleges launch global veterinary programs

As fall classes begin this month for thousands of U.S. veterinary medical students, eight entering freshmen will start their semesters mixing Mexican cuisine with a week's worth of leadership training on the international veterinary circuit.

Oral health education opportunity for DVMs

Bridgewater, N.J.-Second to cost, a lack of knowledge is a chief reason for poor canine oral health, a Pharmacia Animal Health survey shows.

The survey of 200 pet owners showed they treat their dog as a family member or consider it to be a family member and have taken the animal to the veterinarian in the last year for routine care.

Every day presents new PR opportunities

Why does the public have such a divergent view of veterinary and human medicine?

Much of the perception can be traced to television shows that depict, kindly, but not very savvy veterinarians, the leadership of organized veterinary medicine not being more proactive, and much of it is certainly due to the natural consequence of the differing values placed on animal versus human life.

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