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YOUR DVM CAREER, Feb 1, 2001
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Losing your job isn't a threat; it's an opportunity
By Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Dipl. ACHE
Take control of your own destiny to reach personal, professional goals
Non-compete agreements

Covenants never clear-cut, but give practice owners limited protection for business

Finding your first job: Realizing your dreams

It is time to go to work. You have been in school for nearly eight years and within a few months you will receive your veterinary degree and become a licensed veterinarian. Naturally you are eager to find a job. After all, you have devoted most of your time and effort toward reaching this goal.

Purdue ushers in pathogen tracking system; FDA wants thresholds for resistance

Washington, D.C.-At presstime, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing new animal thresholds for antibiotic approvals, while a new Purdue University pilot program was just launched to monitor antibiotic resistance in companion and food animals.

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