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YOUR DVM CAREER, Nov 1, 2005
Special Report
Study: graduates mired in debt
By Jennifer Fiala
More than 88 percent of this year's new veterinarians graduated with educational debt averaging $88,077. Now working, they're taking home less than $44,000 a year.
Applied curriculum
By David Frabotta
Baton Rouge, La. — It's been dubbed the greatest pet rescue in history. When the levees broke in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, veterinary students found themselves at the heart of the recovery.
Publishing bolsters graduate resumes
By Jennifer Fiala
Philadelphia — The "publish or perish" adage in academia rarely applies to veterinary students, yet college leaders claim carrying out scientific research and having it accepted by peer-reviewed journals can boost anyone's job prospects, even those embarking on a clinical career.
Life skills turn priceless in practice
By Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Dipl. ACHE
You have graduated; you passed the boards, and you have finally found a practice that is a great fit. The owner is excited about having you start your career at the practice, too. Now you must walk through the door of that practice and make your first impression as a new team member.
The whole package: Non-medical skills build employer approval
By Colleen Jamison
It takes more than scientific intuition to become a well-rounded, successful veterinarian, experts say.
WSU examines student psychology
By Jessica Tremayne
Pullman, Wash. — Non-technical competencies contributing to career success are being investigated as a new model for training veterinary students.
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