YOUR DVM CAREER, Feb 1, 2006 - DVM
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YOUR DVM CAREER, Feb 1, 2006
Special Report
Where do I go from here?
By David Frabotta
National Report — Where are the jobs in veterinary medicine?
Tuition hikes sting veterinary students
By Jessica Tremayne
NATIONAL REPORT — Veterinary students need to factor educational increases into long-term financial plans. Rising tuition costs usually mean decreased spending limits and increased debt load, experts say.
Career destiny, Knowing what you want to achieve will open doors for new opportunities
By Donald Draper, DVM, PhD, MBA
It can be helpful for you to spend time in each type of practice before making your decision.
Tips to preventing malpractice pitfalls
By Jennifer Fiala
Pleasant Hill, Calif. — Increasingly vulnerable to lawsuits and state board complaints, veterinarians remain on the lookout for liability concerns in their practices, and graduates should be aware of the dangers of not working in a legally sound environment.
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