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YOUR DVM CAREER, Apr 1, 2002
Feature Articles
West Nile Virus remains top vector-borne threat this year
By Stephanie Davis
Experts predict the severity of vector-borne diseases, fleas and ticks will be a mixed bag in 2002 with the continuing spread of West Nile Virus still the biggest threat.
Lending, not recession, governs practice sales
By Stephanie Davis

Veterinary practice sales endure despite a weakened economy.

Although geographic location and lender availability play heavily into practice sales, the recession barely registers.

Grace under pressure
Handling stress is difficult for anyone. But as veterinary students or recent graduates, the mounting demands of disgesting and understanding volumes of medical facts, finding a job or internship, managing finances and keeping viable relatioinships, are enough to make anyone boil over once in awhile.
Internet pharmacies: AVMA tracking complaints
By Daniel R. Verdon

Schaumburg, Ill.-Access to veterinary products via the Internet, from credible and charlatan pharmacies, is a trend that is here to stay.

And it will likely become more prevalent, experts predict.

Study sheds light on how viruses enter cells
West Lafayette, Ind. - Purdue University research is providing clues on how viruses infect cells. The study took a detailed look at a syringe-like structure designed to inject viral DNA into a host cell, and the results reveal "a unique and complex entry scheme for viruses," the university reports.
Practice Management
The kiss of death: DVMs 'bungled' the bundle

George silently pads to the kitchen searching for a cup of coffee. Gladys is already sitting at the kitchen table making a list of "to do" items for the day.

George's eyes narrow, "You never make lists. What's up?"

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