dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Curb your debt

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Curb your debt

When your salary doesn’t match your investment, it can damage more than your financial health. In this Leadership Challenge, the dvm360 team explores some of the realities of student debt for veterinary professionals as well as the various professional and personal options they have to rein in its effects on their wallets and well-being.
Nov 01, 2018
By dvm360.com staff

Like other Americans, veterinary professionals are being saddled with the ballooning cost of education. But when these newly-minted veterinarians and veterinary team members land their first jobs, the pay simply doesn't add up and can damage more than their financial well-being.

Join as we explore the realities of student debt as well as various professional and personal options that could help restrain the stresses and limitations it brings. Our ultimate goal: to curb debt’s control over your life so it doesn’t curb your enthusiasm for this amazing profession.

This Leadership Challenge is supported with an educational grant from Banfield.

The big picture

Finding freedom: The smart way to leave your student debt behind

It keeps you awake at night. It overshadows every life decision. It may even make you question your career choice. But you can be free of the soul-sucking burden of your veterinary student debt—as long as you have the right information and the right plan.

Where DVMs fit in the U.S. student debt crisis

Take a look at the numbers, and you see the student debt crisis is bigger than veterinary medicine. But the debt-to-income ratio makes our profession’s student loans particularly tough.

Vet confessions on student debt

Read the real reactions your colleagues in the veterinary world feel regarding their student debt.

Personal accounts

An associate veterinarian paying down $110k in debt

This veterinarian muses about the steep cost of therapeutic diets for her four cats—and that’s with the professional discount.

Fetching a bit of education, plus fun with family

This associate started the week by finishing up a veterinary continuing education conference and then digging into a more normal work week, with a bonus of spending a little time with her extended family.

A week of overtime and a little play time

In an effort to pay off her student loan by the end of the year, this technician and her husband watch spending carefully and still find moments to splurge.

Tips and tools to help

Tackling veterinary student debt: 1-hour webinar

Get an hour of CE credit as you learn the first steps to curbing debt’s control over your life so it doesn’t curb your enthusiasm for this amazing profession.

Veterinary internships: Examining their value in an era of six-figure debt

If a new graduate wants to to spread her wings in a structured learning environment, the cost of delayed earning may be too high—unless she plans to transform into a specialist.

5 steps to get you out from under vet school debt

A little common sense—and some support from your veterinary colleagues—will keep you from being crushed.

Student tip: Keep loan interest in check with a few bucks a day

Knowledge is power, and a simple formula can help even poverty-stricken veterinary students keep debt from snowballing.

Change your money habits, change your future

If your financial life as a veterinary professional still consists of putting cash into envelopes at the start of the month—or the online or Excel version of that—you should know there’s a better way.

Self-care and wisdom

Expelliarmus debtus! Magic tricks for facing student debt

OK, there's no spell for veterinary technicians or vet tech students to cast and make student debt disappear. Believe me, I've tried. However, the tips and tricks I've found along the way are pretty magical indeed. 

Your money, your life: Will this app save or break my bank?

When it comes to repaying veterinary school debt, are money-saving apps like Digit worth the download, or will the fine print cost more in the long run? 

Comic relief

Wanna be a vet? Read this.

Share this short, to-the-point algorithm with anybody who's on the road to vet school ... or just starting to dream about a career as someone who TOTALLY spends ALL DAY playing with cute puppies and kittens (sarcasm, people).

Foiled debt solutions

Want innovative ways to tackle your student debt? This veterinarian has done the thinking through it for you.