dvm360 product report: Updated Merck Manual app, high-volume analyzer and more

dvm360 product report: Updated Merck Manual app, high-volume analyzer and more

Here's our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products.
Feb 22, 2018
By dvm360.com staff

Merck and Co.

Updated vet manual app

The Merck Veterinary Manual App is a comprehensive mobile resource for veterinary professionals and students. Accessible on any handheld device, it contains authoritative guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal disorders and diseases.

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High-volume chemistry analyzer

Carysta HVC is a standalone chemistry diagnostic instrument designed to bring reference-lab quality testing to high-volume veterinary practices. It offers a menu of 37 routine and specialty parameters, available as singly selected tests or fully customizable panels, all on one system.

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Owl Manor Veterinary

Regenerative medicine products

Commonly used for joint and soft tissue injuries in horses and dogs, Owl Manor Veterinary's devices use blood or bone marrow aspirate harvested from the animal and conveniently prepared on-site.

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Patterson Veterinary

Breed-specific marketing tool

Market Hound is an automated marketing tool for veterinarians. It automatically extrapolates, compares and communicates breed-specific healthcare information to dog and cat owners on behalf of the veterinarian. This breed-specific information enriches client knowledge and understanding of the pet throughout its life.

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Under the Weather

Veterinary-specific bland diets

Under the Weather’s Vet Formula line offers veterinary-specific products to meet the needs of busy pet parents. Products for dogs include freeze-dried bland diets to optimize intestinal health, a probiotic gel supplement, and soft chews in probiotic and calming formulas. Cat-specific products feature supplements to support respiratory health, a probiotic, hairball support, urinary support and calming chews for emotional support during times of stress.

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