European Union celebrates Veterinary Week

European Union celebrates Veterinary Week

Nov 10, 2008
By staff
Brussels -- The European Union's (EU) Veterinary Week 2008 kicks off today.

In fact, EU officials are planning a major public information campaign to educate animal owners and consumers about the risks of disease transmission associated with travel. The theme: "Prevention is Better than Cure."

"It provides us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on how best we can use biosecurity measures to prevent and limit the spread of disease," says EU's Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou. "Biosecurity is no longer an issue of interest only for veterinarians and farmers, but also for the wider public, given the unprecedented spread of certain diseases in recent years, for example avian influenza."

The consequences of an outbreak can be devastating for animal health, the food supply, the economy and society as a whole, she adds. "Some animal diseases also pose grave threats to human health (zoonoses). That's why I regard the prevention and control of animal diseases as a top priority for the European Union," Vassiliou says.

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