Expert takes career-development lecture on the road


Expert takes career-development lecture on the road

Nov 01, 2007
By staff

COLUMBIA, MO. —The long-distance job search, negotiation tactics and 30 ingredients to look for in employment contracts are topics of Dr. James F. Wilson's veterinary-school lecture series.

The veterinarian/lawyer plans to visit the University of Missouri-Columbia's veterinary school on Nov. 8-9, to shed light on what employers want from new associates.

"Most students are focused the on day-to-day learning of veterinary medicine and passing the next exam," Wilson says. "This material forcuses on learning life skills not taught in veterinary school."

Wilson's speaking tour continues next year with stops at veterinary medical programs at Iowa State University on Jan. 7-8, Louisiana State University on Jan. 10-11, Colorado State University on Jan. 22-25 and Michigan State University on Feb. 5-7.