FDA delays extra-label ban of cephalosporin antibiotics; extends comment period

Aug 15, 2008
By staff
Rockville, Md. -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is extending the comment period (Nov. 1) on a final rule calling for the prohibition of extra-label use of cephalosporin in food-producing animals. The FDA is also delaying the effective date of this final rule to Nov. 30.

The agency received extension requests from various groups citing a need for additional time to examine available evidence, consider the ruling's potential impact, and provide constructive comment.

"After careful consideration, the agency believes that a 60-day extension allows adequate time for interested persons to submit comments without significantly delaying implementation of the final rule, " the agency reported today.

The order prohibiting the extra-label use of cephalosporin antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals was originally announced in the Federal Register on July 3, 2008, with a 60-day comment period and a 90-day effective date for the final rule.