First blood test unveiled for cancer detection in dogs

First blood test unveiled for cancer detection in dogs

Feb 17, 2010
By staff
Richmond, British Columbia -- You may now be able to diagnose cancer in a dog with a simple blood test.

BioCurex has announced the availability of the OncoPet RECAF test, which has detected 85 percent of a variety of cancers in dogs at the standard 95 percent specificity level in premarket studies.

The test detects whether RECAF, a universal marker for malignant cell growth in animals and people, is present in the blood. RECAF's expression is related to rapid cell growth, which is characteristic of cancer and fetal development. The same blood test is used in people.

The tests will be available through OncoPet Diagnostics Inc., a subsidiary of BioCurex. Depending on the location of your practice, you can send the samples to the OncoPet testing facility directly or to a regional collection center.

OncoPet is in discussions with North American and Canadian distributors, and the test will be available in China as well. BioCurex hopes to have similar tests for other companion animals -- cats in particular -- in the second half of this year.

For more information, visit OncoPet Diagnostics's Web site.