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4 ways to show clients the value
A tightly honed message helps ensure clients see the value of your care and follow your advice—two important steps on the path to making sure pets live long, healthy lives.


2 Provide visual aids

Giving clients something tangible also improves their perception of your value. For example, dental report cards with photos of the four stages of periodontal disease let clients see their pets' current disease stage and how it will progress without treatment.

Also send every pet owner home with an exam report card. When doctors use their hands to check for lumps and physical changes, clients may assume they're just petting their cats and dogs. A report card explains each body system evaluated and your most valuable service: the complete physical exam. (Click here for a sample report card.)

Some software programs provide full-color anatomical drawings of disease states you can customize, print, and send with clients. Showing pet owners the difference between a normal and diseased organ illustrates your expertise—and the importance of optimal care. And the technology shows clients your hospital practices cutting-edge medicine, another value indicator.



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