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Mary L. Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (dentistry)

Mary Berg is the practice manager and dental technician specialist at Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Lawrence, Kan. She is also president of MLB Consulting, a veterinary dental consulting company.

Top 10 ways to ace a dental appointment
November 30, 2011

Hit these points when checking the choppers.

Veterinary studies on the link between pet oral disease and systemic health
February 15, 2011

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How periodontal disease can affect pets' organs
February 15, 2011

Knowing the science behind the link between oral disease and systemic health will help you get clients on board with veterinary dental care.

Image Quiz: What's wrong with this dog's teeth?
December 21, 2010

Can you pinpoint the problem?

9 types of oral pathology
December 20, 2010

Can you identify these common anomalies?

How to perform a thorough dental exam
December 1, 2010

Make sure you collect—and record—all the important information during this exam, so the veterinarian can make the correct diagnosis and provide the best therapy.

Stand firm on dental care
March 1, 2007

Q I'm a technician, and I often suggest dental care for pets. But not everyone sees the value. How do I get the rest of my team on board with dental care?


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