Florida scales back Rx permit requirements

Florida scales back Rx permit requirements

Feb 01, 2009

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Practitioners in Florida who decided to act quickly to comply with a new law requiring a prescription drug permit might be out of luck when it comes to getting a refund for the permit fee after the state decided to scale back the requirements.

Originally, it was thought that every veterinarian would need to apply for Florida's new Health Care Clinic Establishment (HCCE) permit. But the state Department of Health changed its mind to require only multi-veterinarian clinics to get the permit. And only one doctor at the clinic, the person who will order pharmaceuticals, needs the permit, says Florida Veterinary Medical Association Executive Director Amber Smith.

"The only people who really need the permit are those who want to order prescriptions under their clinical name, or a corporation name," Smith says.

Associates can administer those drugs without the permit, and solo veterinarians still will be able to order drugs without the HCCE under their own license name.

Those who ordered the $255 permit but have not yet had their application processed can call the state health department to stop the process and get a refund, Smith says. But it's unlikely that those who already received the permit will get a refund, she adds.

License status can be checked online at http://www.flhealthsource.com/.