Franck's Pharmacy voluntarily stops veterinary compounding to address FDA concerns

May 19, 2010
By staff
Ocala, Fla. -- A Florida pharmacy's veterinary compounding lab – threatened with an injunction by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last month – voluntarily stopped operations this week.

Franck's Pharmacy suspended veterinary compounding until complaints by the FDA are resolved, according to a prepared statement from the company. Franck's Pharmacy will continue to provide compounded drugs for people.

"Customized veterinary medicines – which we had prepared pursuant to a verified prescription – meet the critical needs of veterinarians and their patients," the statement says. "We are working with FDA to resolve this issue as quickly as possible to determine whether it will permit us to resume compounding of these important veterinary medicines."

In a request for an injunction filed last month, FDA argued that Franck's was circumventing rules by producing compounds too similar to FDA-approved drugs.

Last year, Franck's Pharmacy was thrust into the media spotlight after admitting that a compounding medication error was made following the unexpected deaths of 21 polo ponies at last year’s United States Open Polo Championship. The medication error resulted in high doses of selenium concentrations which was administered to competing horses.