Ga. tests 50 horses for equine infectious anemia

Jul 01, 2001
By staff

Atlanta-Forty-one horses are under quarantine in northern Georgia following exposure to equine infectious anemia, reports Tommy Irvin, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner.

The horses were tested and quarantined as a "precautionary measure" against an incurable disease, Irvin says.

The infected horse was found during routine testing. The Athens Diagnostic Lab reported the positive test on the 21-year-old quarter horse to the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Equine Health Section June 11.

The horse was euthanized June 13.

"We tracked the horse's movements back through three weeks of its new owners and to the previous owner to find any other horse that could have been exposed," says Irvin. "We learned that the horse entered Georgia from Michigan without conforming to our certificate of veterinarian inspection and testing."

He says the state "regrets" quarantining horses, however it is a necessary measure when horses are at risk.

Georgia Department of Agriculture officials will retest the quarantined horses in 45 days after their exposure to the infected horse. Results are pending on all tests.