Getting a handle on heartworm resistance

Getting a handle on heartworm resistance

Dec 23, 2013
By staff

Heartworm resistance to macrocyclic lactones was a hot topic at the 14th Triennial Heartworm Symposium, “Heartworms Today: The Search for Solutions,” which was held in September in New Orleans and sponsored by the American Heartworm Society (AHS). Working in collaboration, dvm360 and the AHS have gathered video from top parasitology experts to discuss the impact of this development on pets and their owners.

In this first video segment, Dr. Matt Miller asks Dr. Clarke Atkins about what veterinarians need to be aware of concerning lack of efficacy with heartworm preventives.


Here, Drs. Sheldon Rubin and Wallace Graham discuss the most important things veterinarians and their clients need to know about heartworm resistance, annual testing, and treating heartworm-positive dogs.


And finally, Drs. Lynn Buzhardt and Byron Blagburn talk about what veterinarinas know—and don’t know—about heartworm resistance. Plus, what’s the next step in tackling this challenge?


Here are the most current canine guidelines from the AHS, and here are the most current feline guidelines.