Great Britain scrambles to contain foot-and-mouth disease outbreak

Aug 06, 2007
By staff

London - 8/6/07 - Along with a growing list of countries, the European Union blocked British beef exports amid a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. British public health officials vowed its response has been swift as they seek to contain the outbreak.

Yesterday, government officials scrubbed at the source farm located in the southern parts of the country. Two animals were confirmed with FMD, according to news reports. The government's investigation has since extended to a nearby research laboratory that is shared by the government's Institute for Animal Health and Merial Animal Health. The company reports it found no evidence of a biosecurity breach, and the government laboratory cited limited use of the virus over the past month.

About 120 animals have been slaughtered so far as a result of the outbreak. A 2001 FMD outbreak resulted in the slaughter of 7 million cattle with devastating economic consequences.