Handwritten thank-you notes just what the doctor ordered

Handwritten thank-you notes just what the doctor ordered

Nov 01, 2007

Dr. David Richards
It has been said that 69 percent of customers leave a business because of indifference. When clients perceive that the practice does not care about them, their loyalty is diminished.

Veterinarians have many opportunities to show they care, but due to busy schedules, ineffective staff and inappropriate follow-through, many opportunities are lost.

Most practices send thank-you notes to first-time clients and to those who refer others.

With the push of a button, computers can generate personalized letters to target clients. Such computer-generated correspondence can be timely and effective, but they do not distinguish the practice from others.

Sending handwritten thank-you notes are just what the doctor ordered and can set your practice apart.

Clients frequently comment on how much they appreciate the effort. We have a very busy practice, but have found a way to make this time-consuming task easy to accomplish.

Using a felt-tipped pen, we create a hand-written master note, leaving space for the pet's name and the doctors' signatures. The master is sent to a printer and reproduced on clinic note stock. When a thank-you note is needed, the same felt-tipped pen is used to write in the animal's name and to sign the note.

Personal handwritten notes might sound old school, but taking the time to personalize a note lets clients know they are special.

If you would like to view an example of our note, go to http://www.vlg.us/ and click on "VLG in the News."

Tip from:
Dr. David Richards, DVM
Animal Health Center
Valdosta, Ga.