Hard times in the heartland


Hard times in the heartland

Sep 16, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

rural veterinarian

Rural areas are clamoring for veterinarians, prompting universities and governments to find new ways to attract new blood to large-animal medicine. But what about rural practice is causing the shortage?

Here we tackle the issue from every angle and give you the latest updates.

Rural veterinary shortage caused by retention issues, not attraction
Most veterinarians who enter rural practice make up their mind to do so long before entering veterinary school

In the trenches
Studies might reveal trends, but personal experience is the most eye-opening insight to rural vet shortage

Changes in agriculture place new demands on rural veterinarians
Shortage is real, but hard to assess; recruitment, mentoring needs cited by veterinary officials

U.S. House approves Veterinary Services Investment Act
Federal lawmakers join fight to end rural veterinary shortage
Bill introduced to ease veterinarian shortage in public health, rural areas
AVMA, AVMF announce new food-animal veterinarian incentive program
Governor pledges $500,000 to ease rural vet shortage

The solution to a veterinarian shortage
Blog: All creatures great then small

Photo credit: Laura Alsman