Help wanted to shape AVMA's strategic plan

Feb 15, 2010
By staff
Schaumburg, Ill. -- Want to help sculpt the future of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)? Here's your chance. As part of its "Future Critical Issues Scan," the AVMA is looking to reevaluate and revise its strategic plan with input from its members.

If you are an AVMA member and would like to offer your viewpoint, visit You can review the current strategic plan, adopted in April 2008. Then you'll get a chance to describe what you think are the three most important issues facing the veterinary profession over the next five years.

If you submit your comments by March 20, 2010, they will be reviewed by the AVMA Executive Board during its April 2010 meeting. Any comments received after March 20 will be reviewed at future board discussions.