Heska introduces E.R.D.-HealthScreen Feline Urine Test

Oct 01, 2003
By dvm360.com staff

The E.R.D.-HealthScreenTM Feline Urine Test can detect disease in feline patients before signs appear. The in-clinic test is a simple, semi-quantitative, five-minute test that detects microalbuminuria, a new indicator of renal damage and underlying disease. In a study of 1,243 cats from 59 clinics nationwide, one in four cats tested positive for renal damage, indicating that these cats had a disease condition that resulted in microalbuminuria, the company says. The E.R.D.-HealthScreenTM Feline Urine Test uses a monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes and binds to feline albumin, allowing 30 times greater sensitivity in measuring albumin in the urine than a conventional protein dipstick, the company says. Because of the unique specificity of this monoclonal antibody, false positive results are not a problem with the E.R.D.-HealthScreen Urine Test. An important addition to feline health exams, the E.R.D.-HealthScreenTM Feline Urine Test alerts you to the presence of renal damage caused by many common inflammatory, infectious, metabolic and neoplastic diseases. This monitoring tool also allows you to track disease progression and treatment success, the company says.

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