Holding onto the mansion?

Holding onto the mansion?

Oct 01, 2006

Sonny Perdue (Republican) Georgia Governor
DVM degree: University of Georgia
Opponent: Sen. Mark Taylor

Running for his second-term as Georgia governor, Sonny Perdue, DVM, announced he would eliminate state income tax for seniors.

It's a bold campaign promise that he says will add another $142 million to his tax relief plan, which already has tallied up to $2 billion since 2003, his campaign reports.

If he wins, it is on politics' most beloved platform — improving education, the economy, safety and reforming government.

And if you apply it to veterinary education, all accounts are Perdue remains supportive, recently pledging to Georgia Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA) leaders to support full funding for the veterinary college before he leaves office, reports Janice Hayes, executive director of the GVMA.

Last month, GVMA leaders Drs. Michael Yonker, Ed Mahaffey and state veterinarian Dr. Lee Myers met with Perdue to discuss veterinary medicine's key issues and pledge support to his campaign.

"He's been very good for veterinary medicine. It does benefit us to have a veterinarian in office. He is aware of the issues we have, and he took the time to listen," Hayes adds.

Will he win? Hayes stopped short of guessing. "He is a strong presence. And there has been a growing Republican movement in this state."