How veterinary medicine can save the world

How veterinary medicine can save the world

In this series, dvm360 takes a close look at how veterinary medicine benefits people, not just animals.
Oct 15, 2013
By staff

Part 1: Curing disease
In this first installment, we meet a "translational" (cross-species) researcher who's in the process of revolutionizing orthopedic medicine—for people and pets.

10 ways researchers are studying diseases in dogs and humans

Cancer research by veterinary investigators bridges canine and human disease

Part 2: Protecting the planet
According to one researcher, veterinarians' understanding of issues affecting global health is unmatched—which requires their involvement on the world stage.

‘The medicine is the easy part’

Part 3: Serving the public
Natural disasters. Disease outbreaks. Terrorist bombings. When crisis hits, these veterinarians are on the scene.

Public health expert: Most veterinary students' view of profession is too narrow